Congregation of Holy Cross Flag

Shortly after I first began to learn Cinema 4D, I was asked to create a flag animation for the Congregation of Holy Cross by the Brother in charge of my college’s media department. At this point I did not truly understand Cinema 4D’s potential but I knew how to look things up, and quickly got to work. While I had not necessarily refined my texturing skill or overall Cinema 4D prowess, the project showcased my ability to solve problems that would no doubt arise in any situation. I had to figure out how to solve a number of problems, dealing with a low resolution reference image and a graphical problem on the body of the flag. The solution to both problems came with time. I ended up having to create my own vector graphic in Adobe Illustrator in order to get the quality I needed. In a different manner, the graphical problem I was noticing on the cloth was resulting from a subsampling problem (too much subsampling where it was not necessary). The project’s simplicity and technical roots help to highlight its fundamental design successes. The camera’s endpoint frames the composition very nicely with text’s placement, unifying the piece as a whole. Additionally, the uniqueness of dealing with cloth simulation helps to provide me with another example of the great variety of practical projects I have to show for myself.

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