Sandbox Projects

This area is intended for projects that don't necessarily fit in to the "finished project" category. It is reserved for projects that I complete that are unpolished but practical and "set-up". Various forms of rigs and standalone assets will go here.

Xpresso Disc Rig

Cinema 4D was my first weapon of choice in the 3D world. For that, it will always have its special place to me, but while I begin to expand and move forward with my arsenal, I wanted to explore an area I had not yet touched: Xpresso's node based scripting. As my first fully functional rig, I created a very adjustable sin-wave driven series of discs. The two sets of discs' inner radius is proportional to the outer radius; the inner radius being controlled by a user-input offset factor relative to the outer radius, and the outer radius is directly controller by user input. On top of this there is a master radius to offset the minimum inner radius so it does not go to 0 (and can be controlled to match that of a pipe or cylinder) and a master speed control (although only factors of 3 allow the sin wave to be lined up properly). The beauty of creating a rig, as opposed to keyframing the animation, is that each of the discs (10 total) are fed into one main controller, thus allowing for maximum edibility without having to adjust each one individually. It doesn't appear that I can easily replace the discs with other objects without delving into advanced COFFEE or C+ scripting, so I have found limitations, but for what it is, it is very exciting.

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