Works in Progress

Various projects I am currently working on that are not quite completed or polished enough to be considered finished.

Garrosh NYC

Discovering a new project before it is realized is often an exciting process. In this case, my next supposed project was right in front of my nose-- I would personally bring the game I've been playing for years to a whole new level. I can't seem to find any 3D animated fan art for Blizzard's World of Warcraft (if it IS out there, I would love to see it for some ideation!) so I thought it was only appropriate. Hard to go wrong combining two things I love. The idea was to re-model the game's current end-boss--known as Garrosh--to the point where I would take on retopology and texturing in 3d Coat and Cinema 4D respectively, leaving the original animation alone. I would then track it into 3d space with Matchmover, Pftrack, or Boujou and finally use Houdini to smash a building. In the end, after learning about and finishing retopolpgy and starting the texture process, I put this project on hold while I began learning Maya.

Ulduar Cinematic

It's hard to argue with what feels right, and my next project does just that. This one, once again,involves a favorite game of mine--World of Warcraft. I intend to create a cinematic quality (or as close as I can come with render-time confines) full 3D animation in my favorite part of the game. With a game structure such as this--driven by constant and frequent updates, old content is frequently left behind and forgotten. I intend to revitalize and modernize this lost raid while, as always, learning a great deal.

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