A person’s understanding of a subject—their perception—is very interestingly tied to their experiences. A subject that strongly interests me could very well detract others. This subject came up a few months ago when I met the owner of Hero Content, a distant family friend of sorts. I talked with him about his company (production services and content provider) as well as the industry in general. Eventually we got to the subject of 3D animation, my specialty. He explained to me that whenever he thinks of the word “render”, he gets a bad feeling in his stomach because he knows that when something has to be “rendered”, it will cost him a great deal of money and time.
Rendering to me is simply the final part to the whole of what I enjoy doing—something radically different to Mike. As a joke, I had decided to take a few disparate parts of our hour long conversation and mash them together in one cohesive project. We had mentioned the concept of rendering, how cell phones (including the Samsung Galaxy S III) can be reproduced flawlessly digitally, and a bit about his company, Hero. I gave him his render, his phone, and slapped his company on the back. Since jokes go out of style fast, I decided that my deadline was the next day—less than 24 hours. I quickly got to work modeling the phone, and although I was forced to tone down the quality (for the sake of render time, hah!) to standard definition, I delivered it to him on time for a few more laughs. Looking back, I can notice a few problems with the animation but I still marvel at my ability to deliver that product in a very impressive amount of time. It not only helped me develop a new skill with modeling, but it also helped me learn to stay on track and deliver on time. 
A still from the final animation showcasing the nicely reflective Samsung logo, nicely worn Hero logo, and reflective metal on the sides of the phone
A reference image of a Samsung Galaxy S III
The Hero Content logo with a "decal" texture feel applied to it so it doesn't stand out too much on the back of the phone
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